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The first year of baby's life! The main recommendations.

The first year of baby's life! Everyone knows that in this age, we must first take care of the fact that the child was fed, dry, cried and smiled. However, this satisfied only the physical needs of the baby. A mental and spiritual? After all, they, too, must meet. read more

Why the need to develop games for children.

Any baby that is just beginning to walk, is actively developing a new world of learning to walk, jump and fall. Young children love to dance, swim and just move actively - they pick up small toys, throw them, hiding in boxes and throw them again more

Is it possible to smoke during pregnancy?

Smoking or non- smokers during pregnancy? This question torments every female smokers. In this direction, we conducted a lot of experiments and written a lot of work. But at the same time a clear answer naetot question is no. Let's analyze the work available nasegodnyashny more

Colds during pregnancy.

The mother and the fetus is very vulnerable, especially at various colds, due to the potential development of a pregnant woman serious diseases and complications and the fetus - congenital malformations. Especially dangerous are cold in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy when there is a bookmark of organs and more

When is it best to do the first ultrasound in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the expectant mother rents a number of analyzes and passes inspection, allowing to evaluate the development of the fetus and the health of the woman. These certainly include ultrasound examination of the pelvic more

Mandatory testing of the first trimester.

The first trimester, the first three months - a very important, the most crucial period of pregnancy. Of course, first of all, be sure you have the pregnancy. And then - be sure to visit the obstetrician-gynecologist, laboratory tests, consultations with specialists (physician, ophthalmologist, ENT, dentist).read more

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