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Cesarean section. The dangerous Caesarean section during labor?

Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when a woman can not give birth to a child on their own. This may be due to its anatomical features, with the state of health or state of health of the fetus, as well as some fetal complications.

In some situations, birth naturally pose a threat to the life of the mother or child. In this case, the best solution is to abdominal surgery - Caesarean section.

Cesarean section - is one of the most ancient of operations, details of which goes back to ancient times. According to one legend, by caesarean section born Julius Caesar himself, on the other - the first Caesar "spent" such an operation and removed a live baby from the womb of the mother who died in childbirth.

There is a version that in this way were born heir to the throne (ie future Caesars): if the mother was unable to give birth to a child, the preference for saving the life of the mother is not, as the heir to save lives. But, most of all, Caesar is the name generally has nothing to do. Title operations "Caesarean section" comes from the Latin expression «sectio caesarea» - «I cut dissection" - and is just steps operations: dissection of the anterior abdominal wall and the incision of the uterus.

Cesarean section - a surgical procedure that allows the child to be born by extracting it from the belly of a mother who can not give birth the normal way. As abdominal surgery, caesarean section is sometimes preferable birth vaginally. However, in most cases, through natural childbirth safer way for the mother and the child, even if the mother suffered one or more cesareans.

At first glance, a cesarean section - quick and easy way to have a baby. Compared with other surgical operations, it is extremely safe. Births a convenient, fast and predictable than the natural way. The operation itself is usually painless, as performed under general anesthesia. The doctor also receives a higher fee for a caesarean section. All this makes it attractive as a caesarean section for women in childbirth, and for doctors.

But under normal childbirth, passing through the birth canal, the baby gradually adapt to the effects of atmospheric pressure is released from the fetal fluid acquires lactobacilli my mother's, who was the first time to help him defend against pathogenic microbes.
When cesarean section baby immediately faces the new environment, the crisis of separation from the mother and cutting the umbilical cord with anesthesia. In addition to the high risk of trauma the child has long been noted that Caesar violated adaptation reactions, more common neurological and respiratory pathology, food allergy.
In children undergoing surgery with the use of endotracheal anesthesia, marked the lowest concentrations of the hormone cortisol which is responsible for the body's response to stress, and thyroid hormones.
There immaturity and lower life expectancy neutrophils leykotsitov- "defenders". When the operation of the rapid transition from prenatal to adult existence is no sufficient production of hormones, which normally activates lung lymph flow.
Inhalation not always have time to get rid of the fetal, ie fetal, liquid. In such a situation, increasing the number of complications, especially infectious diseases, from the respiratory tract. In addition, during cesarean section anesthesia is used with potent drugs that can have an inhibiting effect on the respiratory center.

Recently, scientists from the Institute of Public Health in Oslo (Norway), surveyed 2803 children found that kids who were born by caesarean section, 7 times more likely to have allergic reactions to foods. Scientists believe that this is due to the peculiarities of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. Cesarean section causes a delay in the development of the intestinal microflora, and this leads to violations of the processes of assimilation of food.

Nowadays medicine comes to the same conclusion: Caesarean section should be carried out only in situations where vaginal delivery path fraught with serious danger to the life and health of the woman or the fetus.

In some cases, a cesarean section is shown to apply is described in detail in the relevant section.


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