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  • The presence of her husband during childbirth. What are the consequences for her husband?

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Everything about childbirth >> The presence of her husband >> The presence of her husband during childbirth. What are the consequences for her husband?

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The presence of her husband during childbirth. What are the consequences for her husband?

At present, more and more debate about whether or not the child's father to be present at the birth. The question is really relevant, because the possibility exists, and so the need is not fully understood. As a result, it was revealed a few stereotypes, which often do not correspond to reality.

One thing is for sure - the husband should take part in the delivery. And if not in the House, at least present in the walls of the medical establishment. For example, a spouse can expect results in the next room, and when his wife gives birth to - to go out and look at the baby. Thus, the process will remain intact, and the father's feelings will manifest itself with the appearance of the child, which has a positive impact on the whole family. This method is suitable for those husbands who do not want to see their wife gives birth. In addition, if a cesarean section is done, this is the only option.

As for the immediate presence of her husband during childbirth. There are several controversial issues. First, many are afraid that after such a "spectacle" completely lost sexual desire. But it is the fact of finding a loved one close at such a crucial moment can tell a lot by supporting family relationships. With confidence we can say only one thing. If you have even small fluctuations about participation in childbirth, then leave the idea of immediate presence. In the end, nothing wrong with that.

Note A. Cauna, chief physician of the Riga City Maternity Hospital № 1

Set a specific order. First spouses talking to chief physician or his deputy. The first question to her husband why he wanted to be present at the birth? The answer is almost always the same: I want to be with his wife, when she will be difficult. Then explain to her husband why he necessarily need to pre-screened for carriage of pathogenic staphylococcus, Australian antigen of the AIDS virus, to donate blood Wasserman, undergo chest X-rays.

Several years ago in Riga hospital number 1 addressed the first couples to allow her husband to be present at the birth. I confess, to agree to it was very difficult. At first I thought that my husband would only hinder physicians (men's such a nervous people) and it is possible that in the end will have to provide him with assistance. Still, our medical staff decided to experiment.

The first parameter Lelde and Aivars K. young people who love each other, firmly decided to be together at the birth of their first child. I myself took the delivery. The child was a big - 4 kg, in such cases, women have to seriously. And marvel at the incredible effect of the presence of her husband gave birth Lelde quiet, calm, just squeezed her husband's hand when the pain became stronger. Aivar for a second did not depart from his wife even helped physicians, softly repeating her their "orders."

Unborn child's father saw before her mother. The couple were happy. They are happy and now- five years, both believe that mutual understanding, friendship, love and tenderness that prevails in the family, helped many of these "common" labor.

Before birth, we invite the husband to be present at fetal ultrasound. This happens first meeting of Pope with his unborn child. Before her husband enters the prenatal ward, he takes a shower, dresses in the clothes, which is the staff. In the prenatal ward, we ask him to ensure that his wife not to hold their breath to distract her when the pain occurs. "Family labor" we accept the so-called individual clan, which eventually will make more comfortable, less like a hospital. In five years, 40 "family birth" took place in our hospital. All mothers were calm, sensible, dignified, everything then claimed that they helped to support her husband. With these families, we do not lose touch. Already, many residents of other cities are requested to give birth in our hospital in the presence of her husband, and obstetricians have expressed a desire to meet with our experience of doing "family birth".

You have to be prepared in the presence of her husband during childbirth?

Get ready for a shock. Even if you are theoretically "grounded" in the school preparation for childbirth, watched a dozen movies about childbirth and does not suffer particularly susceptible, the realization that with your help, it came into the world a new person can suddenly surge, like an avalanche. It may even happen during childbirth or immediately afterwards, or after some time (usually popes, past generations partnership is a great sense of ownership does not have to wait long). Before simply tear yourself, even if you are in a life still never cried. It's - tears of happiness, and they will add you a few extra years of life. And your wife will love you for these tears even more.

Get ready for what will not feel anything. It can happen sometimes. First, men and women to parenthood are different. A woman wearing a baby 9 months, getting used to the fact of imminent motherhood and has long loved her baby. But dad sometimes takes time out to feel like a father. Moreover, even for advanced modern man childbirth - it's still a huge stress. One form of protection which can be complete apathy.

Do not interfere with the doctors. Childbirth - the process is very unstable, and can change for the better and for the worse. A doctor holds a maximum of information and is able to anticipate any developments. And the main thing, and mom and dad during childbirth may become confused and forget what they were taught in the courses. But medical professional in an emergency keeps his composure and is capable of a clear, coherent and correct actions. Therefore, its purpose and actions do not have to criticize, especially aggressive, and most importantly - in a situation where we have to act quickly. Remember: you are here today to help birth the smallest and weakest of you. It is important to remember that you are doctors - one team, and behave accordingly. Meet personally with the doctor before giving birth, talk to them, understand whether it causes you trust and willingness to cooperate. If not, it may be worthwhile to look for another doctor, but this should be done in advance: horses in midstream, as we know, has not changed.

Humble. Childbirth - a process that you personally can not control. Many dads this fact very confusing, because all the other aspects of their lives - under control. This fear can be removed in two ways. The first - to withdraw from the birth and until they are, to be forgotten in the company of friends. II - control all that is possible (see. The previous item), in every possible way to hold yourself using the wife (and assistance may be required almost continuously), and just live in the given circumstances. Especially that all generations come to an end. And this time, if repeated in your life, then very soon - Feel it till the end!


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