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Recovering from childbirth. Feelings after childbirth.

Recovery after childbirth - is a difficult and lengthy process. After childbirth - a strong physical and mental stress for a woman, even without the features of the past and ended the birth of a healthy, long-awaited child. Therefore, a woman needs a good rest. For some time now we have got the hospital on the principle of "Mother and Child", where the child in the first hours after birth is next to his mother.

The woman swells and increases the breast, they produced colostrum and then milk. The uterus continues to decline, while a woman may feel a slight cramping, especially during breast-feeding when the baby sucks vigorously. While reducing surface damage to the uterine wall, which arose after the rejection of the placenta begins to tighten. On postnatal wound out isolation, consisting of blood, tissue particles and blood secretions. Immediately after birth the uterus weighing 1 kg. Over the next six weeks, she takes her normal weight - 50-60 gr. Spotting go through the first two days. They can be quite active, stronger than in the first days of menstruation. Thereafter, the discharge becomes less intense. Postnatal discharge, known lohiyami, going 5-6 weeks after childbirth before full contraction of the uterus to its normal size. This period is called the postpartum.

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles as if "are leaving" to make room for the growing baby. After birth, you need to wait until they snap into place, and only then begin to exercise. Check whether the muscles converged on the place of the woman is easy: it is necessary to feel the muscles in the area of the belly button and start training only when the distance between them does not exceed the width of two fingers. Until that time, it is better not to hurry up with gymnastics and carry heavy loads. Well, if the next couple of weeks, if not months, a woman does not have to lift anything heavier than her own child. In the end, the very nature of bother for us: breast-feeding, rocking the baby and the need to wear his first months at the hands of virtually all the time - all this quietly, but surely closer to the original figure of "size."

If you have not played sports before pregnancy, you should not abruptly start now. A walk with the stroller several times a day or fast walking completely replace the initial set of exercises. When the muscles will come back to normal, safely proceed to any exercise for the return of a flat stomach or slender hips.

Feelings in the first week after delivery is entirely dependent on what you have had childbirth: light or heavy, natural or cesarean section, as well as a number of other factors. You can lock all of the following symptoms or only some of them.

MAIN ISSUES postpartum period.

The first two weeks will seem especially severe after the complete care of you in a maternity hospital, under medical care. Two weeks after giving birth you may receive more severe bleeding than usual. This "test return of menstruation." It will last 2-3 days and should not bother you. If the discharge start to smell bad, you should see a doctor. Secretions may reappear during lactation, but as a rule, they should disappear while you are in the nursing home.

Constipation, which may annoy you immediately after birth, have to go through when you return to a normal way of life. Eat foods rich in fiber, such as bread, green vegetables (spinach, lettuce), stone fruits, plums (raw and cooked). Hemorrhoids, often associated with constipation, longer resolve and in some cases require a local treatment by the physician.

The difficulty with urination. Often occurs after a difficult birth, but usually are. If mimovolnoe urine leakage continues, immediately perform the necessary procedures with the perineum. Do not leave unbaked even a small violation of urination.

Fainting. You may receive fainting, especially when getting up from a lying position. First of all, do not get up sharply. Perhaps you have anemia. Make changes to the power supply and contact a doctor, he will prescribe you iron supplements.

Care seams. If you had an episiotomy, continue to adhere to all hygiene means that you have begun to perform even in the maternity hospital. Discomfort in the seam area should diminish quickly and go. Avoid synthetic fabrics. While the seam is sensitive, avoid sexual relations. If you had a cesarean section, with the seam may ooze fluid, even after removing the thread. Wash lovely soft seam with water, cover with a dry dressing for several days. Do not worry if the seam looks like a roller, over time it will become thinner. If you find next to the seam zone insensitive, do not worry, sensitive skin will soon be restored.

Resuming otnosheniy.Kak intimate and all spheres of family life, the intimate sphere of men and women after childbirth peculiar change, which primarily related to the physiological, psychological condition to give birth, especially if the child - the first-born. In the period immediately after birth the female body needs to recover, after 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth are a major burden for the woman. On the couple's sex life after birth is influenced by such factors as the nature of labor, their complexity, the presence of complications, being a mother after giving birth. Therefore, the question is, exhilarating married couple who has recently had a child, is when you can resume sexual relations. So, to resume sex after childbirth a woman may 5-7 week, when the uterus returns to its previous state after the changes that have occurred to her during pregnancy and childbirth. During the postpartum period the uterus contracts and tissues that have been damaged during childbirth, heal. The reasons for refusal of sexual intercourse at an early stage after birth can be attributed to the fact that the genital tract of women given birth are at high risk of infection in the cervix and uterus, which may further lead to inflammation - the endometrium. Also, sexual intercourse can cause bleeding during childbirth damaged vessels.

As a rule, the first sex after birth is very painful for the woman. If delivery she underwent an episiotomy, the possibility exists that the nerves can be clamped in the seams. Changing the configuration of the vagina can also cause discomfort to the same postpartum skin and mucous membranes in the vagina are very sensitive to any irritation. Births promote change in the anatomical sex ratio of the spouses, which is associated with a strong expansion of the vagina during childbirth. In the first weeks after birth the vagina is in a relaxed state. It may also appear vaginal dryness associated with lack of estrogen hormones, which leads to discomfort during the first sexual intercourse. This flaw can be easily remedied using special gels and lubricants.

Menstruation after childbirth. After birth, the menstrual cycle of each woman individually restored. There are several options manifestation month after giving birth, the corresponding rate. When breastfeeding menstruation can not be, because they are absent during lactation. When the early weaning, or, if his mother and did not breastfeed, monthly and may begin one month after birth, as a rule, against a background of hormonal changes. If monthly begun lactation, the specific reasons for concern, since such a phenomenon, and is the norm. If the lactation period is over, and the menstrual cycle has not yet started, you should see a doctor. The reason for this can serve as inflammatory processes, endometriosis and possibly even ovarian or uterine cancer, or another pregnancy.


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