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Home delivery. Childbirth at home - advantages and disadvantages.

Before finally deciding on a home birth again to think things through and talk to your doctor. Do not risk the health and life of their child. Home births are not approved by the Ministry of Health.

Today, most women give birth in hospitals. Although a hundred years ago the situation was quite the opposite - the majority of women give birth at home, and the hospital gets only women from poorer segments of the population. And despite the fact that modern hospital are markedly different from those that were even a few decades ago, there are always women who consciously choose home birth .

According to statistics, most often a woman makes a choice in favor of home birth for fear of not getting adequate care and attention on the part of medical personnel, and by members of his family. In second place on the beliefs most natural home birth (after giving birth so for thousands of years), and finally on the third the fear of contact with other Pregnant Women (you never know what they and their children are sick).

At birth the house next to you necessarily have to be professional doctors with the practice of home birth. Also in the home birth midwife must attend a pediatrician, able to provide first aid to the child in the event of unusual situations.

Strongly contraindicated home birth when: there is the slightest indication for caesarean section (large fruit, narrow pelvis, simfezit, breech pridlezhanie, acute toxicosis, etc.); the mother has chronic diseases as well as diseases such as - diabetes, hypertension, heart disease.

Remember that your midwife should be specialist with medical education. Most people who call themselves spiritual obstetricians do not have proper education and they do not take legal responsibility for the consequences.

Two important argument not in favor of home birth.

1. The midwife may simply not appear on your birth - sick, stuck in a "traffic jam", will be on the other emergency childbirth - and will be forced to "take" your birth on the phone. In turn, your home may be far enough. And in such a situation you have to carry out deliveries jointly with relatives and loved ones. Ask yourself, are you ready to give birth on their own with the help of some relatives.

2. Childbirth - often unpredictable process. Even if the pregnancy and the condition of your body do not bode emergency, yet unexpected complications during childbirth happen. It may be heavy bleeding in women, entanglement or loss of the umbilical cord of the child. Ask yourself what you can do or midwife without having at hand the necessary medicines and equipment. And if the car will have time to get to the nearest hospital in an emergency. However, even if in our country there was the practice of duty "first aid" at the entrance to mothers, in case of complications, no one can guarantee the availability of the "plugs" of the road or the fact that the coach "ambulance" will be able to reach the hospital in time, without serious consequences for both mother and child.

It is difficult to identify the exact statistics of mortality in home birth, home birth because the problem to an end, usually in hospital. Perhaps it is because of this all over the world, official statistics Home birth is better than in hospitals. But we can say that God calls to himself a small number of infant souls in both cases. Only in home births more likely cause may be a lack of equipment and medical care and in hospitals - this is a broken staff and unjustified interference.


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