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What tests should be done before pregnancy?

If you start to plan the child, then to communicate with vrachёm better not refuse. The doctor will have to do a general inspection and accordingly prescribe the necessary tests. If you stick to a method for determining pay their health while you do not care, you can independently pass all necessary tests and in principle does not go to the doctor with no serious abnormalities. Or you can come to the doctor with a ready-made analyzes.

The goal of all examinations and tests, is the ability to verify the good condition of your body. When identifying any deviations should apply to specialists.

Pregnancy planning part is precisely the need to do all the tests before pregnancy, in order to prevent various complications, and treat all chronic diseases that may develop rapidly during pregnancy.

All analyzes that need to be done before pregnancy can be divided into several groups.

Screening for diseases of the genital organs and urinary system.

The general analysis of vaginal microflora
We need to eliminate the presence of diseases or vaginal dysbiosis, including yeast.
Thrush (candidiasis) - a condition of the body, the cause of which is often a decrease in immunity. If thrush is poorly treated in the body need to look for a disorder or disease that can cause low immunity and are manifested in particular candidiasis.
Too many women and men suffer from this quite widespread disease in an attempt to cure a variety of ways. Thrush - a disease caused by a known agent: fungus Candida. These fungi normally live in the vagina of healthy women, and sometimes appear in the smear in a single argument, not requiring treatment. Treatment is required only in the case where the fungus is starting to show in the form of a white cheesy discharge consistency, with a slightly sour smell. Just thrush may be accompanied by itching. The occurrence of thrush provoke a variety of factors: diet disorders, starvation, hypothermia, stress, illness, a certain period of the menstrual cycle, birth control pills, antibiotics, etc. Thrush should always be treated before pregnancy, otherwise there is the risk of infection of the child.

Pap smear from the vagina.
Appointed mainly by the physician upon detection of cervical erosion. For the analysis you take a smear cytology to rule out possible cancer cells in the cervix.

Identification malformation of the uterus, preventing the fetus wearing out.
most common abnormality of the uterus, the uterus is the saddle, two-horned uterus and the septum in the uterus. These non-critical anomalies are easily diagnosed before pregnancy via ultrasound. If the diagnosis is confirmed, doctors recommend to work out an individual plan of preparation for pregnancy and, accordingly, the passage of pregnancy.

Screening for urinary tract infections of both partners.
These assays are recommended to pass mandatory. Even if you do not plan to become pregnant, it is desirable to pass these tests once a year, and preferably both partners. This is a survey for the detection of E. coli, staphylococcus, chlamydia, gardnerellas, ureaplasma, genital herpes, mycoplasma, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, human papilloma virus.
For diagnosis is extracted contents of the cervical canal and conducted microbiological and immunological research. If the diagnosis is confirmed, a comprehensive treatment is prescribed to both partners. These include antibiotics, vitamins, and immunomodulators. You must be sure of the absence of any infection, as some viruses, such as cytomegalovirus virus tend to strongly develop it during pregnancy.

General compulsory tests.

An analysis of the AIDS
This is a required analysis which will have to make both partners.

Advanced blood
When you get the result then pay attention to hemoglobin and red blood cells, their mutual proportions (color indicator) and hematocrit - the percentage of blood cells and plasma. Depending on the state your body's performance can be different: they are reduced for bleeding, iron deficiency (anemia), increase in dehydration and rise in blood pressure that occur when toxemia and renal disease, under the influence of adrenaline in stressful situations.

Biochemical analysis of blood
results of biochemical blood analysis reveals the slightest deviation in the internal environment of the body that have not yet had time to reflect on the state of health of the expectant mother. For example, elevated levels of creatinine, urea, says problems with the kidneys, and excess glucose indicating diabetes. For analysis of donating blood from the vein of between 7 and 9 o'clock in the morning on an empty stomach, and preferably not less than 12 hours after the last meal. Note, yogurt, milk, juice, tea - is also considered a food.


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