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Interesting facts about pregnancy and childbirth.

  90% of children are born with blue or gray-blue eyes. The gray-blue eye color most infants due to the temporary absence of the pigment melanin, about half the color may be changed if the melanin is small, the eye color is blue, and if the melanin on the contrary a lot - either the eyes are brown or green, the number of pigment is caused genetically. 

  Every third woman in childbirth do Caesarean section. 

  A baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy is considered premature birth. If the child is born after 43 weeks, it is called a late birth. Only 10 percent of babies are born on time.

  Tuesday popular day for the birth of children. Scientists have studied the dynamics of births and found - most of all children born on Tuesday. Least of all children born on a Saturday or Sunday. 

  Twins are often born in several generations of one family. If the family, especially the mother, are born twins and the twins, then a high probability of birth and you have such children. Approximately 3% of all pregnant women are born twins. This level increased by almost 60% since the beginning of the 1980s.

 The largest number of children born to one mother, according to official figures, is equal to 69. According to reports made in 1782, in the period between 1725 and 1765 years, the wife of Russian peasant Fyodor Vasilyev gave birth 27 times, producing at the same time in the light of 16 twins, 7 times triplets and 4 times in 4 twin. Of these, only 2 children died in infancy. A record number of births belong Elizabeth Greenhill, who lived in the UK in Hertfordshire - 38 genera. The result, which came to light 7 boys and, as much as 32 girls. Most children in the world at the Moroccan Sultan Ismail. He is like a father educates 548 sons and 340 daughters. In his numerous harem, on average every 20 days, a child was born.

  The heaviest surviving newborn, which official data are available, weighed 10.2 kg. It was a boy, born in 1955 at Carmelina Fedele in Aversa, Italy. At Loyola University Medical Center, NY. Illinois, United States, June 27, 1989, according to official reports, as a result of premature birth was born a girl weighing only 281 grams.

  In 1939, 5-year-old Lina Medina from Peru gave birth to a boy by caesarean section. This is the earliest recorded case in the history of the birth of modern medical observations.

  In 2000, the Mexican peasant Ines Ramirez, having no medical training, has made itself a caesarean section and gave birth to a healthy baby. When the fight began, her husband was drunk. Nearest midwife is 50 kilometers from the village, where there was only one phone, and he is not close to home. After 12 hours of pain Inez drank alcohol for anesthesia and performed an incision in the abdomen ordinary kitchen knife, then pulled out the baby and cut the umbilical cord with scissors. Later she sent another son for help, and her with a newborn was taken to hospital.

 When Pablo Picasso was born, the midwife finds him stillborn. Spas child by his uncle, who was smoking a cigar and saw the baby lying on the table, let the smoke in his face, and then Pablo roared. Thus, we can say that smoking has saved the life of Picasso.

  Only 25 percent of couples actively trying to get pregnant, a pregnancy test within the first cycle of the woman. 

  Only 25 percent of couples actively trying to get pregnant, a pregnancy test within the first cycle of the woman. 

  According to research by scientists at Columbia University (USA), carcinogenic substances contained in cigarette smoke can damage the DNA in the semen of men. It was found that children whose fathers smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 5 years before conception, the risk of cancer at the age of mololetnem 70% higher than their peers whose fathers smoked. The harm caused by smoking pregnant women, much more than previously thought. Smoking has a detrimental impact not only on mothers, but also significantly increases the risk of premature birth and even the likelihood of stillbirth. The risk of premature birth in pregnant women who smoke increases up to 27%, and that of their female children up to 29. If you have more and grandmother smoked, the risk increases to 60%. Born to smoking mothers and decades later the girl will suffer catastrophic effects on her body nicotine, resulting in significantly reduced her own ability to bear children. In the middle period of pregnancy in non-smoking women there is a pleasant feeling of physical and mental. At the same ones who love to smoke a cigarette or two, it's a positive feeling is almost completely absent. 

 In the amniotic fluid of pregnant women contains as much salt as in ocean water.

  Children conceived in the autumn and winter months, have higher intelligence than conceived in the warmer months.

  Most children conceived by artificial (in vitro) was born in Australia.

  It turns out, intimate conversations with a newborn - a direct way to the development of his intellect. Scientists have found that a half-hour conversation the day without extraneous noise - and the fumes in the future to ensure a high rate of mental faculties, he used to say, and will begin to think better in school. 

  In Korea, those 9 months that the baby is in the womb, are entered into the age. Therefore Korean children are always on the documents a year more than their peers from other countries, although physically no difference in age is not.


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