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Sex during pregnancy. As to some months?

Sex during pregnancy. As to some months?Can you have sex in the early and late stages of the effect of an orgasm to the fetus if they need sexual rest when diagnosed previa CVS or the placenta - the most important questions about sex during pregnancy, which define the future parents, meet the doctors of the Moscow Diversified Medical center.

1. Up to a month, you can have sex during pregnancy? 
Pregnancy is not a contraindication for sex. However, some complications of pregnancy (threatened miscarriage, abnormal location of the placenta, cervical incompetence and several other) sex can lead to the aggravation of these complications, until the premature termination of pregnancy. In this connection, it is advisable to consult your doctor, to avoid possible complications of pregnancy.

2. How can you have sex during pregnancy? 
First of all, we should exclude a situation where it is not desirable to engage in sex. It should not be under the threat of termination of pregnancy, with low-lying placenta or placenta previa, when polyhydramnios, breech fetus at inferiority uterine scar after a previous Caesarean section, in severe fetal hypoxia. At various stages of pregnancy should be appropriate to choose a comfortable position, considering the size of the stomach, so as not to provoke the premature termination of pregnancy. 

3. I have an ultrasound at 12 weeks diagnosed - low placentation, without overlapping throat. Can I have sex? 
Most often, the placenta is "rising." When she got up, then sex can be engaged if there are no other contraindications to it. Do Ultrasound and precise localization of the fetus and placenta. 

4. On what term fetus finally takes position upside down? Is it possible to later date to have oral sex with a woman? 
Usually, the fruit has a relatively stable position at 36 weeks of pregnancy. But in some cases it can "spin" until delivery. The question of any sexual contact is solved individually depending on the characteristics of pregnancy. 

5. How dangerous is masturbating during pregnancy?
During pregnancy it is not very desirable orgasm, and sexual arousal, especially when the threat of termination of pregnancy. If the pregnancy is developing normally, it can not hurt either masturbation or sex. 

6. I am on the 7th week (maternity period). How does an orgasm on the fetus? The same muscle contraction? 
During orgasm is a series of muscle contractions of the uterus, in the normal course of pregnancy, this situation has no negative impact on the embryo and fetus. But adverse pregnancy (threat of interruption, chorionic detachment area, hypertonicity, low placentation, "ajar" cervix) from sexual activity should be avoided, since it is possible aggravation of pathological conditions. 

7. I 14th week of pregnancy and a cyst of the right ovary. Can I have sex? 
If the cyst is small (less than 4 cm) and there is the threat of termination of pregnancy, the sex is not contraindicated. 

8. I'm pregnant, period - 6 weeks and my husband and I really stopped making love. He is afraid to harm the baby and is willing to give up the pleasure. But I'm worried, and for the health of her husband and after a long period of abstinence for him undesirable. Is it dangerous to sex for the baby? And what pregnancy is really worth to wait with love games? 
If there are no contraindications, the sex life during pregnancy is acceptable. The main contraindications for sexual activity during pregnancy are: the threat of termination of pregnancy, abnormal location of the placenta, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, bleeding of unknown character, a scar on the uterus, uterine fibroids, pelvic presentation of the fetus, fetoplacental insufficiency, urogenital tract infections and a number of other states. On the other hand, is itself sexual intercourse can cause a number of complications of pregnancy that can have the most unfavorable outcome. In this regard, each couple based on their individual characteristics, decides that a priority. To clarify the situation it is better to consult your physician.


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