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AFTER CHILDBIRTH >> Weight Loss and diets >> How to lose weight after giving birth? What should I do to lose weight after giving birth?

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КHow to lose weight after giving birth? What should I do to lose weight after giving birth?

How to lose weight after giving birth?Immediately after birth, the young mother's dream to come back as quickly as possible to the original size of clothing. But it's not as easy as it seems at first glance. Child care leave no time for exercise, or the swimming pool or on a hike in the gym. Therefore, most women not only lose weight after giving birth, but on the contrary, during the first year of baby's life continue to gain excess ves.Dlya young mothers, this problem is one of the most pressing. On the playground, "weight" theme rises almost daily. It turned out that every mom has its own secrets. If you combine them together all the recommendations can be divided into six quite original, simple and proven by numerous experiments on ways to lose weight after giving birth.
 Children's daily routine 
Wrong mode of the day - this is the most common mistake of young mothers. As long as the baby is awake, they are entirely absorbed by them and almost forget about themselves. And as soon as the toddler falls asleep - rush to the fridge and try to eat store. In fact, it is very harmful. By refusing to dinner, we subject the body to stress and force him to make reserves in the form of fat. Improper diet we not only recruit extra weight, but also suffer from constant fatigue. Far better to eat often along with the baby, at least 4-5 times a day, but in small portions. Even with the most restless child can always find ten minutes to have a snack. And, most importantly, try to never eat up the child, even if the porridge is delicious and it is a pity to throw. 

Nutritionists argue that women who themselves feed the baby, much faster return to his previous form. This is due to the fact that breastfeeding contributes to a more rapid reduction in the uterus and return it in the pre-natal state. Although many women during lactation contrary gaining weight. This is due to the fact that they absorb huge amounts of dairy products, and even choose what fatter, believing that in this way will improve breast milk. In fact I do not need to eat twice as much food by following the well-known expression "eating for two". However, the food should be twice as useful and richer in vitamins. After all, the baby did not need the extra calories and specific elements and vitamins. 

 Proper nutrition. 
Do not try immediately after birth go on a diet. Firstly, it is now absolutely useless. And secondly, during breast-feeding, you need good nutrition. Suffice it to watch your diet. Food must be not only delicious, but also the most useful and varied. It is no secret that childbirth is a huge stress on the whole body. And during critical periods of the body is experiencing a strong deficit of three main elements - protein, iron and calcium. They must be present every day in your diet. Most are rich in calcium - dairy products, cheese and fish. Proteins are needed - as plant (nuts, soy, legumes) and animals (meat, fish, poultry, cheese). In addition, a sufficiently large amount of iron the body loses during heavy postpartum bleeding. By the way, when iron deficiency is almost impossible to lose weight, as it helps produce a special enzyme that affects the fat burning. Therefore, every day should eat foods rich in iron (seafood, lean meat, liver, eggs, beans, nuts and wholemeal bread). 

Many moms are lazy and are limited to walking on the balcony. By the way, this is one of the most common causes of children's colds. Think of walking with a stroller, not as a duty but as an extra opportunity to do her figure. Everyone is familiar with walking trails. The average speed of 4-5 kilometers per person per hour. With a toddler, it is desirable for a walk twice a day for 2-3 hours. And one hour of intensive walking burns about as many calories as three hours training on simulators. That's calculate how much benefit you can get walking with a stroller. However, for this you need to walk at a brisk pace, comfortable shoes and back straight.

 Charging for two. 
The main cause of overweight is lack of adequate physical activity or, as experts say, the lack of exercise. Even consuming a minimum of fat, and eating only vegetables and fruits, in the absence of movement - people fullness. The fact is that during muscular work fat - is consumed. And lying on the couch, each candy is deposited on the sides. Of course, a small child does not contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. But, being engaged with the crumbs and completing homework, try to give the burden to all groups of muscles. In addition, a good exercise for the mother carrying a baby in a kangaroo. This exercise promotes good posture, as well as strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. Periodically changing the position of the baby (front or back) you will ensure that the load on different muscle groups. In addition, the baby is constantly gaining weight and therefore increases the load for you not abruptly but gradually.

 Mental attitude. 
Also, do not forget about the psychological factor. In post-partum woman may experience depression, mood swings, tearfulness and self-pity. At such times, it seems that only something sweet can lift your mood. It just seems that it will be easier. In fact, just finished chewing, you'll be sorry about what he had done. With chocolates stress can not be beat. Or at least try to replace chocolate pears or apples and see that not only the mood, but also the state of health will improve dramatically.


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