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Sex after childbirth.

Sex after childbirth.Mothers who are discharged from the hospital, a doctor, along with other standard recommendations requires a minimum of 6 weeks of sexual rest ... need to listen to the recommendations, but in the life of all things work differently for each woman - their problems: someone "eager to "almost the first month after birth, and someone, and after six months, even scary to think about resuming sexual relations. 

Of course, how sexual relations between spouses are formed after birth is influenced by many factors, and during childbirth, the presence of any complications, and overall well-being of women and children, and then, what was the relationship of partners before and during pregnancy ... At the end of the last century German professor KE God in "The Book of healthy and sick person," noted that "dietary errors, tedious, too early return to public life, severe anxiety, etc. may in the first six weeks after childbirth cause great harm, the marital relationship shall not be renewable up to the outcome of the eighth week. " In terms of current obstetricians, too, like, that's right: the uterus reaches the former size and its mucosa is completely restored until the end of the 6th week after birth, so it is believed that it is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse for the prevention of inflammation of the uterus and other complications. Of course, all this alone, many women feel fine after giving birth and resumed sexual relations before 6 position of weeks, but before most of the women who gave birth were problems of a different kind: statistics show that more than 40% of women have difficulties with sex, three months after genera and about 18% have problems of this kind during the year. These difficulties are associated with the state of reproductive organs after childbirth, loss of sexual attractiveness, depression, fatigue ... The majority of women, especially if they were tears of the birth canal, note the fear of sexual contact.

The "gentle ground" appearance of the skin after birth is not changed, but it is very sensitive to pressure, especially at the entrance of the vagina and the perineum region. Very sensitive to touch until the pain area seams. The first time after childbirth a woman often feels during sexual intercourse some fear and unconsciously may have resistance to penetration, so we must try as much as possible to relax when you have sex, use a pose "woman on top" or "face to face" - so you can control their movements and avoid pain.

The lack of estrogen, which is experiencing postpartum woman's body can lead to vaginal dryness, in which case it is desirable to apply the artificial moisturizers mucosa. Births do not lead to stretching the muscles of the vagina, but may cause some muscle weakness, problems with urination, especially if there was an episiotomy (incision of the perineum). In order to avoid the feeling that "everything was great" need in the first days after birth do special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina, and to restore muscle tone during lovemaking should choose a position in which the hip woman tightly closed, that It contributes to a tight grip of the penis and enhance its stimulation.

It happens that a woman is difficult to resume sexual activity, since after all the ups and downs of pregnancy and childbirth, she begins to feel like a completely different date. It feels different feelings to the people around her, and her thoughts took a child. So ordained by nature not want another baby until this requires care and, therefore, does not require sexual desire to prolong the race. Women often complain about the "impossibility to refuse cares." And only when the child is older, does not need constant supervision, and began to sleep separately, they have a chance to survive another honeymoon.

For the nine months a woman has learned to feel one with the kid, accustomed to the role of protector and guardian of, I learned to accept the child as his own. And the burden of responsibility for the child covers all the other emotions. Sometimes a woman feels belongs only to the child. She feels that her state of "perpetual fear for the child," absolutely not interesting to her husband and family; so forming a sense of loneliness, isolation, which can develop into a depression (by the way, the lack of interest in sex is sometimes a sign of postpartum depression).

And yet, if your love of action in the first few months after delivery and do not include sexual intercourse, try to maintain the physical love, it is so easy to completely "switch" on the child, excluding one another from the scope of his interests. It is not necessary to poison the family relationships statements such as "I drag the whole burden of caring for the child, and I'll decide whether we need sex or not." It is not necessary to give up sexual relations due to unresolved family conflicts or deny the spouse in the vicinity, because "he is not doing as much as I want, and went for a walk with the baby." If you have "lost the desire to" remind yourself how exciting can be sex, calling to mind the best moments of your married life. Locate the cabinet beautiful lingerie, try for one night "to hand over the child," the grandmother or the babysitter or ask her husband to come early and help you create an intimate atmosphere, set "date" her husband and, most importantly, remember that sex - it's not a service partner, but the fact that both of you need, and then tune in to learn from him only positive emotions.

Many women feel unattractive after birth due to the changing breast and smooth the waist ... Give your partner to decide how much you are attractive, and if he be thirsty you, so you need not represent himself exclusively "child of the nurse" and "keeper of the family patrimony in as breast milk. "

Of course, do not need to reassure yourself that you can do nothing, that her husband "like a child, so let me feel, so lush, the same tender feelings." We must remember that your current figure - a side effect of the case made a huge phenomenon, perhaps inevitable, but - temporarily. Try to find time for the gym, not to get involved sweet, and gradually form your seductive affairs emerge again.

But quite a lot of women do not perceive sex after childbirth like an impossible duty. And perhaps then you should forget about the waist, on the child's reaction to the emergence of a possible rival to take care of close and be sure to warn her husband, and that where you have a sore that it is not through ignorance caused you pain. After giving birth, your marital relationship was filled with new content, but it does not change and does not replace what once was. All difficulties in your relationships today are surmountable, and you are not just my husband and I have yet to experience the highest degree of intimacy, trust, love, which gives people the sex ...


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