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General rules for body care after birth.

General rules for body care after birth.After giving birth, many women put a cross on the exterior of delaying a full-care until better times. This is understandable, for the newly-made main occupation was the mother custody and upbringing of the baby. And a couple of months, when a woman has to get used to a new role, and finally draw attention to himself in the mirror, it can be very frustrating seen. What would it did not need to know that body care after childbirth is extremely important and it is necessary every day to perform complex manipulations not to keep yourself in shape. Thus, the recommended minimum program for the day: 

1. In the morning, take a contrast shower, 30 seconds under warm, then 30 seconds under cold water. This procedure is very useful for varicose veins which often affects women. The body can not wipe or vice versa use a rough towel in order to self-massage; 

2. Apply the oil on the whole body and moisturizer on your face; 

3. Clothing should be free from natural materials, well, if you wear a postpartum bandage, it will prevent the sagging of the abdominal wall and keep the internal organs in the natural state, should have a good bra to support the breast, but do not push; 

4. Make an easy exercise, consult your doctor about strength exercises. Women who have had a caesarean section, to download the press and to strengthen the abdominal muscles can be no earlier than two three months. You can pick up a small set of yoga and do them, it's a good tool to combat postpartum depression, stress and nerves. Later, when the crumb is a little older, you can perform the exercises along with it; 

5. Have breakfast. Food should only be a healthy and high-quality, eliminate the blank is not rich in the vitamins and minerals, food, all kinds of canned food, biscuits and sandwiches - a taboo for you. Remember that there are foods that cause excessive gas formation, which is harmful for the child and for women in the postoperative period. For example: cabbage, beans, cucumbers, etc. But even in extreme rush not worth it, sure, at feeding time, about diets: 

6. During the day, relax more often. Take any help from relatives to care for a toddler. Charge to buy chips to her husband, and themselves at this time lie down with his feet on the pillow. On the face, apply masochku or just the usual sour cream or cream, put the eye slices of cucumber; 

7. In the evening, when the child is asleep, do not fall directly on the bed, and pay attention to your body. If there were those unwanted and unsightly red stripes on the abdomen and thighs - striae, and became even more pronounced cellulite crust, it pampering after childbirth should be even more carefully. The main thing for you to understand that these symptoms can and must be fought. After evening shower to massage tight glove with natural bristles. Start with the feet and climb higher on the abdomen do not push, just stroking clockwise. To improve blood flow and elasticity of the skin, do a good tingling of problem areas, and vacuum massage. Do not forget to apply a special massage oil. 

8. At night, drink a glass of kefir, it will not only be useful for the prevention of unwanted problems of the digestive tract (which for a long time after birth may torment), but also eliminates the feeling of hunger, and such harmful night snacking, which many people can get used during pregnancy. Births me a woman, not only psychologically, but also physically and not for the better, but very little effort that is necessary to make every day and soon your body will be such as to labor, the main thing - it's your desire to keep it attractive.


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