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Tummy tuck after pregnancy and childbirth. How to remove the excess fat?


Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) - surgery is the removal of excess skin and subcutaneous fat from the middle and lower abdomen and tightening muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. Abdominoplasty - is an aesthetic operation, it is aimed at correcting the shape, not the removal of extra kilos. Pendulous abdomen - not such a rare problem, forcing the experience is not one woman. The weight of the women can be quite normal.

 Mini abdominoplasty 

Most patients consider plastic surgeons mini abdominoplasty "reduced" version of the full tummy tuck. Some people think that the main difference between these plastic surgery that after mini abdominoplasty will be a small scar, and after a full tummy tuck - large. This is not true. Sometimes, when a mini-tummy tuck scar is really getting a bit less than the full abdominoplasty, but more often it is the same. In both cases, the cut extends bikini line, so that afterwards it can be hidden sheets, and cutting length does not depend on the type of operation and the number of "excess skin." The more excised skin flap, the longer should be cut. It is necessary that at the end of the seam is not formed ugly "assembly." But the main difference between the mini - abdominoplasty and complete that during these operations the correction of the different areas of the abdomen. When a mini tummy tuck plastic surgeon corrects only the lower part - from the pubis to the navel. In a sectional view taken along the bikini line, the doctor detaches skin flap, if necessary, strengthening of the muscular system holds, then excised the excess skin and fatty tissue, making lifting and stitches. Another difference between the operation of full abdominoplasty that during mini abdominoplasty stomach is not transferred.
Related plastic surgery at a mini abdominoplasty. If in addition to the correction of the lower abdomen the patient must remove fat deposits from other problem areas, platichesky surgeon may recommend liposuction of these areas and mini abdominoplasty during one surgery. Most often combine a mini abdominoplasty and liposuction of the thighs, the upper zone of the stomach (above the navel), the pubic area, knees, sides or back. Furthermore, mini abdominoplasty often make with the increase or breast lift. 

Full abdominoplasty 

If the patient requires a total correction of the abdomen from the chest and lower, and the problem is not so much excess fat as weakening and sagging soft tissues - held a full abdominoplasty. As in the mini abdominoplasty incision extends bikini line. Through it, the plastic surgeon detaches (separates) flap, moving higher - right up to the chest. At the same time around the navel incision, the skin incision and separated, and the navel is attached to the muscle. In the next step the plastic surgeon tightens and sews "diverged" rectus abdominis, restoring the so-called "muscular corset" and removes excess skin and fat. With full tummy plastic usually excised rather large skin flap is often removed the entire surface of the skin from the pubis to the navel. Sometimes, the weight of the flap remote can reach more than 10 kilos! The remaining skin is carefully tightened, and the new navel is a hole where he and "sewed". The greatest concern of patients before surgery abdominoplasty is the question of size and "visibility" postoperative scar. Indeed, such a bulk operation can not pass unnoticed. But, significantly, the patient has passed the operation is so happy and satisfied with their new body that the issue of scarring goes by the wayside, all the more so with the passage of time the scars become paler, and the result of plastic surgery - all the better. Some patients, we recommend to make a correction of scars after a few months after abdominoplasty, but most of them do not need it.

 Related plastic surgery full abdominoplasty 

Most often combine abdominoplasty with intimate plastic, breast lift and hips, liposuction of the back, hips and pubic area. There are cases where the patient is required not only a tummy tuck, but also the removal of excess skin and fat tissue at the back and sides. In this case, it can be recommended more volume operation - circular lifting body.


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