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Belly after pregnancy and childbirth. Why do I get stretch marks?

It is no secret that during pregnancy and childbirth, in addition to the great joy of anticipation baby brings a lot of newly-mom anxiety and hassle associated with a change in her appearance. Unfortunately, such a metamorphosis rarely occur for the better example of this - the excess weight after giving birth, skin problems, as well as well-known to every pregnant stretch marks or striae on the abdomen and legs. Doctors have only recently begun to refer to the stretching of the skin disease, until recently, their occurrence was considered only a cosmetic defect. However, how insignificant would not be a problem, deal with it the decision still stands although extensions are not life threatening, deep red scars on the body do not look very attractive. Fortunately, over the years fade away and cease to stretch so much evident, but completely invisible they will not ever. It is worth noting that the striae appear not only during pregnancy, often suffer from them, and teenagers and young nulliparous women. Stretch marks, along with cellulite are considered common and most frequently mentioned in online media and magazine cosmetic problems. Almost every woman at least once in his life faced with this nuisance, which is much easier to prevent than to fix later. 

  Why do I get stretch marks? 

Usually, the appearance of stretch marks caused by reasons related to the work of the endocrine glands. Therefore, they may occur in the body during the adjustment period (pregnancy, adolescence and the associated sharp rise in the body, menopause). Keep an eye on your skin for a long time if you have to be treated with hormonal therapy. Stretch marks are a direct link to obesity, so you should avoid sudden weight gain.

 What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks, or striae difficult with anything confused. "Young" extensions are intensely pink, lilac or reddish tint. They arise as a result of the gap (for whatever reason) the fiber structure of the skin (collagen and elastin fibers). And its rich color they acquire because microtrauma and subsequent inflammation of the blood vessels. When scarring takes place connective tissue fibers. Otherwise, this process may be called a linear skin atrophy. If the cause of stretch marks is not served pregnancy, you should consult an endocrinologist. Stretch marks (or in medical language, striae) - unpleasant phenomenon faced by every woman in one of the periods of his life. There are lucky, that this statement applies to a lesser extent, but most during pregnancy still appear ugly red stripes on the abdomen and thighs. Intensity of stretch depends on many factors, such as heredity, hormonal problems in the body, especially the skin, obesity, malnutrition. 

Stretch marks occur: 

  • The transition to adulthood
  • During pregnancy
  • With the rapid and vigorous weight gain
  • In diseases of the endocrine system, particularly at the syndrome Cushing
  • After long-term use of hormonal preparations 
  •  What should I do to reduce the risk of stretch marks? 

  • Take your vitamins A, E and C. Eat enough fish, vegetables, vegetable oil refill food.
  • If stretch marks have appeared, lubricate them with oil solution of vitamin E after a bath. Suitable and conventional olive oil. Grease skin cream that contains cocoa butter.
  • If you are pregnant, daily treat the abdomen, chest and thighs with a special cream for the prevention of stretch marks. 
  • If no prevention, no conservative treatment does not work, comes the turn of plastic surgery. Abdominoplasty removes all suffered from stretching the skin with stretch marks, but if the body a lot of extensions, you can not do the operation.


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