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How to save the breast after birth? Why deformed breasts?

Question maintain the shape and elasticity of the breast after birth is relevant to any woman. Significant weight gain during pregnancy, breast-feeding your baby has a significant impact on the appearance and condition of the female breast. If you want to keep the breast in great shape after giving birth, our follow some simple advice. 

 Why breast is deformed? 

The main reasons for changing the look and condition of the breast skin and lethargy are not sufficiently well developed chest muscles. Breast shape depends on the correct location and the elasticity of the breast. Mammary glands are located on a thin fat layer. Improper posture, "twisted" the back of sitting at a computer monitor lead to a weakening of the chest muscles. Therefore, the most important thing that you need to start - is to constantly worry about the state of the muscles, the position of his body (good posture). Care for Breast necessary not only before and during pregnancy, and certainly after the birth.

 Do not gain weight. 

Female breast consists of glandular (75%) and adipose tissue (25%) - this is at a normal weight person. When excess weight of fat in the breast becomes larger. During pregnancy, under the influence of estrogen grows glandular tissue, reduced skin elasticity, causing the appearance of stretch marks or, as they say, stretch marks. And if next to the glandular tissue will grow fat, then the status of the breast skin, however. Moreover, such a load to stretching of the ligaments that support the inside of the breast. Therefore, try not to gain more than 10-14 kilos during the pregnancy. This reduces the probability of occurrence of stretch marks and sagging breasts.

 Daily shower. 

Stretch marks (striae) can appear both during pregnancy and after the end of the breastfeeding period. Many cosmetologists unanimously declare that in the first nine months after childbirth, you can remove all the consequences of pregnancy, including stretch marks. To do this on a daily basis to give yourself a bit of attention. Daily intake of the soul during and after pregnancy is one of the ways to keep in shape of their breasts. Massage the breast skin with warm water retains its elasticity. Greater efficiency and has a contrast shower (alternating hot and cold water), it increases blood circulation, causing the skin gets more nutrients and oxygen, and less subject to stretching and tearing. Massage the breast is necessary to do so: to direct a jet of warm water and drive around the areola across the chest - clockwise on the right breast and clockwise on the left chest. You can also carry massage sponge with shower gel with algae under the same scheme. After taking a shower you need to gently wipe the chest with a towel. After that, apply a moisturizer to the field of stretch marks. Also moisturizer can and should use special cream against stretch marks. But the main thing here is to read the instructions, because such creams are divided into two categories: one is really rid of stretch marks, while others - only clarified them. In addition, the effectiveness of the cream for stretch marks can be achieved if the stretch marks are fresh. If, however, after nine months of stretching did not disappear, it is necessary to contact a specialist in the beauty salon, where a laser will remove unsightly scars and stretch marks.

 Above the woman's breast. 

A pregnant woman must take care not only about the clothes, but also on a special bra for pregnant women and nursing mothers. The best way is to buy underwear in specialty stores or pharmacies, because it is there that sell lingerie, appropriate quality standards. Before you purchase a bra is necessary to suit. The bra should fully correspond to the size of your chest and be sure to keep it well. Maternity bras should be worn daily. Nursing bra has detachable cups, which open the nipple or your entire breast. This bra must be purchased immediately before birth. It must also fully comply with the shape of the breast and keep it well. A sports bra is needed, which will limit the mobility of the breast as possible, to prevent it from shaking during class.

 How to choose a bra? 

Composition: cotton - not more than 60% synthetic - 40-80%, day - up to 40% of cotton, night - up to 80% of cotton, and the rest - the elastic synthetics. Straps: Maximum wide, elastic, with adjustable length. Calyx: seedless, foam, cotton against the skin, the top layer detachable feeding, which was a fine cup with a hole for the nipple. Or model with a fully detachable straps from the cup. Clasp: 3-5 rows of hooks - chest circumference during pregnancy increases between the cups and back - 2-3 rows of hooks.

 Properly fed the child. 

It is generally accepted, breastfeeding contributes to further breast sagging skin. However, breastfeeding has on the state of chest little effect, and when properly handled with their breasts can easily reduce the possibility of injury to the breast. Some mothers say that after a few months of breastfeeding nipple pulled. But "such changes" are temporary, a few weeks after the end of breast-feeding everything back in its place.

 Rules that must be followed. 

To choose the right bra. Give preference to the following models on the broad straps, and naturally you the appropriate size (no more, no less). Always wear a bra, but in the last months of pregnancy and during breast - around the clock. For more preferably nights free model. Abandon manual breast pump. The kid in any way during feeding is not harmful to the chest. With the help of a manual breast pump is a strong muscle strain. Therefore it is best to use a special breast pump breast. Try to maintain the same amount of milk (approximately) in both breasts. To do this, the child is alternately applied to one or the other breast. Next feeding should begin with the other breast, and not the one who finished feeding the last time. Before night break, it is necessary to empty both breasts, to avoid hyperextension of the big "abstinence."

 Strengthen women's breasts. 

During pregnancy it is also very important to take care of feeding, strengthening it as before pregnancy. To strengthen the breast skin is necessary with special cosmetic products designed to care for the breast during pregnancy. They contain nutritional oils, silicone, elastin, vitamins and microelements, nourishes the skin and increase its elasticity. To get rid of existing stretch marks such funds will not be able, but to prevent the emergence of new - their task is that with proper and regular use of perfectly executed. In order to better absorb the cream before applying it is necessary to carry out the procedure for cleansing the skin with a special soft scrub. After birth, this procedure can be replaced by peeling the skin with brown sugar, ground coffee, hard sponge. In the absence of the possibility to use a special cream for pregnant women, you can use extra virgin olive oil. Every morning and evening, must be applied in a circular motion on the skin of the breast cream or olive oil, gently rubbing. Special makeup has good absorbency, and the oil is not completely absorbed, so by the end of the procedure, it is necessary to remove the remains of a napkin. Use cream for the breast skin should be regularly and constantly, and especially after childbirth. Of course after the end of the lactation period breast may be not as lush as it was. But to increase elasticity and keep fit possible. To retain her beauty breasts after childbirth and breast-feeding, you must use the following method: It should be 0.5 m strip of gauze or any other cloth to moisten the fresh cucumber juice, wine vinegar with water or water with lemon juice and apply on the chest. You must then 2 times bandage elastic bandage around the body under the breast, and then hold the bandage on her left breast crosswise over his right shoulder and around his neck then through the left shoulder diagonally under the right breast. Such manipulation is done twice a bandage, and the end is fixed plaster bandage. Such a compress is held 2 - H-hour. Making it necessary for six months, 2 times a week for 6 weeks, then once a week, two times a month or once a month.

  Proper nutrition. 

Nutrition plays a huge role in the appearance of our breasts. The diet should be restricted in fried foods, animal fats, cream, sausages, smoked meats, sweets and spices, alcohol and tobacco. It is necessary to eat more greens, fruits and vegetables, rice, fish, lentils.

 Masks for breasts. 

To pull the breast well regularly 2-3 times a week to use special masks for breast lifting effect. Nourishing mask for breast 2 tbsp Beat yogurt with 1 tsp olive oil (you can add a little cream, and in the summer - fruit juice). The mask must be applied to the skin of the neck and chest with a thin layer for 20 minutes, after which it was rinsed weak broth chamomile.

 Breast massage with the application of the cream. 

Breast massage is stroking towards the nipple (the nipple do not need to touch) and light spiral rubbing and stroking again. 

Basic movements:
Spiral rubbing a few fingers from the nipple. Lightly draw rays from the nipple. It is also easy to draw increasing circles from the nipple. 

hese exercises are best done long before the start of pregnancy. With regular and proper implementation of the results noticeable after 5 weeks. You must kneel down and lean against a low fence (for example, the edge of the sofa), keep your hands at shoulder width. Then you need to bend your elbows and touch the breast platform, and then straighten your elbows. Perform this exercise you need to direct the body. Do 8-10 times. This exercise requires a ball and the presence of a partner. You must stand in the position of the feet shoulder width apart and hold the ball with both hands at chest level. You need to throw the ball partner, or against the wall, while, bending and straightening your elbows, not to raise them above the level of the chest. 

We accept a starting position lying. This face is directed downward, with an emphasis on the outstretched hands, knees bent, and feet raised up. It is necessary to place the hands a little wider than shoulder width. Perform push-ups is necessary, placing his elbows to the side and lowering the body as low as possible. At the lowest point must be delayed for 5-10 seconds and then straighten. When performing this exercise back should be straight. Try to keep your back straight, bend at the waist not. Exercise repeat 8-10 times. At the same time, or alternately describe hands circles back and forth. During the exercise you need to carefully follow the breath, it should be smooth and quiet. Inhale through your nose you need, and exhale - through the mouth. In addition, do the exercises, you should not hurry to load the muscle was palpable. 

In the event of soreness after exercise, it reduces the number of approaches to implementing gradually increasing. If you are breastfeeding, it is recommended to do the exercises immediately after feeding until the breasts have not had time to be filled with milk. After the exercises you need to take a warm shower. 

All of these exercises can be done during pregnancy and after childbirth, but you must first consult with a physician, because all the body is different.


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