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The umbilical cord and placenta. Why is entanglement of the umbilical cord? How to detect entanglement?

The umbilical cord and placenta.Young moms are willing to believe in such legends (still, we are talking about the health of the baby!). However, if to recollect, that this belief originated a long time ago, when assisted in childbirth by midwives, not having proper experience, and women in those days were mostly engaged in needlework (sewing, knitting, weaving of laces), much becomes clear. For example, the fact that midwives did not know how to act in situations of childbirth, complicated by cord entanglement neck. Therefore, in case of unsuccessful outcome of labor, in order to remove the responsibility from the midwives, the whole "wine" were written off to class women, needlework - knitting, the loops of which is associated with a loop of umbilical cord around its neck.
What actually is an entanglement of the umbilical cord, than it is dangerous and whether it can be avoided?

The umbilical cord and placenta is the major connecting structure, common function is to exchange blood between the mother and unborn child. The umbilical cord is a kind of "rope" (normal - length 40 to 70 cm and thickness up to 2 cm), consisting of connective tissue, inside which are one vein and two umbilical arteries. Speaking figuratively, the umbilical cord is a major a major motorway, the vein through which the baby receives oxygen and all the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients and trace elements, and through arteries and the placenta brings the mother's body in carbon dioxide and other waste products. One end of the cord attached to the placenta, and the other to the abdominal wall the baby. After birth essential the cord cut, the baby begins to "enjoy" its own circulatory system and only a belly button is a reminder of its once close relationship with her mother.
Entanglement of the umbilical cord occurs in 20-25% of women giving birth. The most common variant - entanglement umbilical cord around the neck crumbs, less common entanglement of the handle or leg of a fetus. With proper management of labor it does not carry severe consequences for the child. Umbilical cord length is determined genetically, can predict the fact of entanglement is impossible, but it is believed that long (70 cm) the cord is susceptible to the formation of knots or entanglement around the neck.

Why is entanglement of the umbilical cord?
Very frequent and very unpredictable for the medicine phenomenon - entanglement umbilical cord, the causes of which lie primarily in excessive mobility of the fetus in the uterus, most often caused by hypoxia (fetal oxygen deprivation) or an excess of adrenaline in the blood of the future mother, for example, because of its weakness to extreme sports or frequent stress. Polyhydramnios in women can also increase the activity of the fetus, giving it the ability to do more movements inside the uterus. Cases are known when during pregnancy of entanglement were found, but during birth the baby managed to get confused. Do not be afraid, if your kid found obvity umbilical cord: until the birth the situation may change, because the unborn child is capable not only "to confuse" but also "untangle" loop of umbilical cord. Most importantly, time to determine whether the baby suffers from hypoxia or not?

How to identify entanglement of the umbilical cord?
To determine the fetal umbilical cord entanglement can be as early as 17 weeks of pregnancy, making ultrasound. In the presence of entanglement is necessary to pass the Doppler and CTG. With the help of these researches it is possible to check the intensity of blood flow in the vessels of the umbilical cord, to determine the heart rate of the baby and to know him enough oxygen. If entanglement is the place to be, but the baby is not affected, you need to make it a rule to see your doctor regularly and periodically repeat the survey.

It is important to act correctly during childbirth.
If the genera recorded entanglement of the child by the umbilical cord, don't panic: experienced obstetricians without any problems cope with the handling of such delivery. It is important for them to choose the right tactics for you - to listen attentively and strictly follow the instructions of doctors. Before the baby's head exit the birth canal, the midwife holds her hand and checks if there is entanglement of the umbilical cord neck. If it is detected, it quickly relieves the hinges. This is a very important and crucial moment when it is possible to detect entanglement of the umbilical cord of the fetal neck and without consequence to eliminate it. After all, as you move the baby from the birth canal, it is delayed and leads to suffocation.
In most cases, entanglement is not an indication for surgical delivery, because the child before birth lungs not breathing, and the faint pinching of his neck not cause the harm. Fetal heart rate is monitored approximately every half hour during labor and after each attempts. If the heart rate of the baby are abnormal, your doctor may apply the stimulation to speed up labor. Really dangerous can be only double or multiple tight entanglement, in which the cord is pulled, blocking the access of oxygen to the baby, causing a stop of blood supply to some tissues of his body or placental abruption. In this case, the term after 37 weeks is most often a cesarean. And if the baby is in danger and the situation requires immediate removal of the child, an emergency cesarean section may be made sooner.

How to avoid entanglement?
Nobody is insured from that, but something that depends on you. Prevention of this complication is rather simple: go for a walk, do special exercises, do not forget about breathing exercises. Avoid stress, give up of horror films and any other spine-tingling spectacle, and extreme in all its manifestations. Remember, once the adrenaline enhances anxiety crumbs. If still on the ultrasound you have found a knot or entanglement of umbilical cord, do not panic and do not blame yourself for this. And even more, not follow prejudice, trying to get rid of this by using acrobatic exercises or zagovornik potions: benefit from these manipulations will not. Better lead a healthy way of life, trust in nature and your doctor and mentally tune in to a favorable outcome of labor.


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