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The child has a little penis. What to do if baby a small penis?

The child has a little penis.Do any parents who discovered a newborn baby is not typical of a small penis, there is panic and ask the question - what to do? And if one of the parents is not a pediatric urologist then the answer can be only one - to see a specialist !!!

Do not read the different forums and try to peek at the other children. You only cheat yourself once again. Just do periodic inspection of the child at the pediatric urology.

And now a bit of theory. A small penis is not a diagnosis - it's just a subjective opinion of parents about the child's penis. And if a specific diagnosis is not that things can change at any time. Penis size may depend on many factors, but the most significant of these is genetics and hormones. With genetics, you can not in the foreseeable future to do anything, and hormones can be carefully "correct" special preparations. You just have a certain periodicity observed by a doctor. The penis can be changed in size at any age up to 15-17 years. Up to the end of puberty.

Just another case of a specific diagnosis - micropenis. Again, to put this diagnosis can only be a specialist. You can find a common definition of micropenis. The general criterion is the length of the penis measured on the dorsal (upper) side, at least 2.5 standard deviations lower than the average penis size of men. Deviations are determined on a scale Shonfeld. In numerical terms, it is less than 2 cm long and 1 cm in diameter for a newborn. Only those measurements are made exclusively in a certain way by a special technique. At home, you perform them correctly can not.

In the formation of micropenis usually involves two factors: insufficient production of male sex hormones and eggs reducing the sensitivity of the cells to androgen target organ, namely the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

Treatment for micropenis syndrome performed more often hormonal therapy or in very complicated cases - surgically. Increasing the size of the penis before birth, during childhood and puberty, it depends greatly on the level of testosterone and growth hormone. However, the role of these hormones in the treatment of micropenis limited by the conditions of hormonal deficiency. Regardless of the cause micropenis, in the event of recognition in infancy, are often prescribed a short course of treatment with testosterone. It often induces a slight growth of the penis, increases the chances of further growth in puberty, but rarely reaches the penis size even below average. During childhood extra testosterone is not appointed in order to prevent early bone maturation. Also, there is evidence that the administration of testosterone premature may reduce the size of the penis into adulthood. Treatment with testosterone resumed at youth only boys with hypogonadism. The growth of the penis ends with the end of puberty, like the completion of the growth of the body; Testosterone therapy in post-pubertal age provides only a minor effect or ineffective.

Surgery in children and adolescents is carried out rarely, mainly in violation of other functions in addition to gender.


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