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A set of exercises to keep the body after birth.

A set of exercises to keep the body after birth.After birth, it is necessary to strengthen his body, since birth affect many muscle groups. Change their firmness and position. At the same time we must remember that excessive exercise and strict diet women in labor are contraindicated. The fat that is deposited in your body during the pregnancy, according to the laws of nature must be largely disappear with breast milk (unless of course you will not overeat during feeding). It must be remembered that in any case after childbirth exercise and physical activity is significantly reduced, and that's why women often gain weight right after birth.

Staying slim after the birth of a child manages to those women who, during pregnancy, and to do fitness. Any, even short-term physical activity is good, and we have tried to collect for you some sets of exercises to maintain the tone of your body after giving birth to different periods. This is the minimum physical activity and if your state allows you to do a little more to do something. All the exercises described below, it is desirable to do in a day.


1.Minimum load. Breathing exercises and bring to tone the abdominal muscles.

Take the position of lying on your back, bend your knees, keep your feet on the floor. Breathe in through your nose and exhale draw the belly in itself. Hold on to this position for at least 5 seconds. Then relax your stomach and again repeat. Is carried out from 10 to 20 approaches depending on the condition. Once your body gets used to this exercise (usually 6-8 days) complicate it as follows: during exhalation press slightly tense and slightly lift the buttocks, keeping your lower back pressed to the floor. Do ten repetitions of this exercise for 1-3 days and then try to bring up to 20-25 repetitions. As a result of this exercise strengthens and "stabilize" the abdominals.


1. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the upper back and shoulder band.

Get on your knees, hips lower heels. Lean forward and place his forehead on a towel or use Minimized roll roller yoga. Stretch your arms flat at your sides, palms up, expand the brush, neck and head are aligned with the spine. Squeeze shoulder blades together at the same time raising his hands up. Hold this position for two seconds, then relax. Make a minimum of six replicates and eventually try to bring the number up to ten repetitions. If this exercise is given to you is too easy, then grab a small dumbbells (no more than 1 kg.) Or wearing wrist weights.

2. Follow the reverse bridge to strengthen the abdominal muscles, the gluteus muscles of the back and thighs.

Take the position of lying on his back, put your heels on the seat of a chair, or standing in front of the couch so that his legs were bent at the knees and your knees are directly over the hips. Put your hands on the floor at your sides, palms down, expand. Lift your pelvis off the floor, first tensing abdominal muscles, glutes and then as long as the body does not form a straight line. Lower the hips to the starting position, not rounded back. Try to relax. Perform 2 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. When they will give you is easy enough, follow this exercise by placing the body on the chair.

3. Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, upper and lower back and shoulder muscles.

Position yourself on all fours. Tighten the press so that the body is formed by a straight line from the pelvis to the crown. Pull alternately arms and legs back and forth, respectively, in each seating position for at least 5 seconds. Perform at least 2 sets of 4-5.

4. Exercise to strengthen the gluteal muscles, calf muscles, quadriceps muscle group and hamstring.

This exercise is often called the attacks. Located to the right side to a chair, holding the back of his hand. Legs set shoulder-width apart, left foot in front of the arc on the lunge distance, socks "look" forward. Tighten the press, bend your knees and lower hips. Then straighten your legs and continue to do the exercise. Change the position of the feet on the opposite. Start with 1 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions on each side. Over time, bringing the number up to 2 approaches.


If you are fairly easily transferred all of the previous exercises you can begin the more complicated sets of exercises (eg the half, supercoiling, push-ups, and so on). If you're addicted to pregnancy or what sport you can go back to training with a light load. And as you can without restriction to perform entry-level yoga exercises.


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