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Cracked nipples during breastfeeding after birth. Why there? How to cure?

Cracked nipples during breastfeeding after birth.Most mothers immediately after birth begin breastfeeding, and with it the majority of an unpleasant sensation of pain that after a week of feeding should be reduced. This is primarily due to the elementary fact that the increased burden on the skin is not sufficiently elastic nipples. But often there are cases when, after a few feedings pain does not decrease but rather increases their intensity, with nipple cracks in extreme cases, even accompanied by bleeding. Cracks are dangerous for the mother because chereh they can very easily get infected. Consider why the cracks and how to cure cracked nipples during breastfeeding after birth.

Why cracks breastfeeding?

As mentioned above discomfort while breastfeeding in the normal course should gradually wane after a few days of feeding. The appearance of cracks is bad and start the process is by no means impossible.

The reasons for the appearance of cracks on the nipple set, and most important of them is the poor attachment of the child to her breast, and the absence or insufficiency of hygiene.

To understand right or wrong baby sucks to exclude the following features:

  • baby grasps the nipple, and the areola is outside the baby's mouth
  • during suckling toddler smacking
  • during the suckling child tucks inside the mouth
  • after feeding the feeling of lightness and liberation from breast milk Mommy does not feel
  • each breast sucking movements of the mouth of the child slides back and forth
  • If the baby sucks correctly arises excessive friction and deformation of the nipple which, in turn, in most cases lead to cracks in the nipple greater or lesser extent. The yield is very simple - to consult with an expert to help establish proper feeding techniques.

    Do not use in the care of breast skin drying agent. That is necessary to eliminate alcohol-containing components (tincture of iodine, Zelenka, etc.) and the usual soap. Use special care facilities for the care of breast or special funds for personal hygiene with normalized PH & contain moisturizing ingredients.

    Also one of the most common causes of cracked nipples during breastfeeding is vitamin deficiencies. From vitamin deficiencies can not just crack nipples and lips and nails. For the elasticity of the skin are important B vitamins A, B, D, E, C (ie practically all).

    It has been listed the standard situation and the causes of cracks on the nipple during feeding. But there are other possible causes of bacterial and genetic origin. And if the above you can handle it on their own to treat bacterial causes of their own should not be. Always consult a specialist in order to avoid more serious cases !!!

    Self prevention of cracked nipples. How to get rid of cracked nipples?

    The nipples start to increase long before the birth and the beginning of feeding, respectively, and it is from this point should begin prevention of fractures aimed at increasing the elasticity of the skin nipple.

    Here are some suggestions:

  • wearing bras of cotton, which are perfect in size
  • perform "air bath" Breast (full exposure of 10 minutes once a day).
  • hardening of the breast (short dousing with cold water)
  • daily massage the nipples with a soft cloth.
  • use in-ear pads to support the nipples dry in the region and around the nipple.
  • Proper hygiene during breastfeeding.

    To maintain sufficient hygiene during breast feeding sufficiently washed once daily boiled water without soap, while drying it with a soft towel blotted movements and daily change clothes. You can not wipe roughly chest especially rough fabrics such actions will lead to cracks.

    Immediately after feeding or pumping the chest must be dried in the open air for five to ten minutes, and then lubricate the skin in the nipple area lanolin oil. This oil is a part of Purealan, Lanoderm. These creams do not need to wash off before breastfeeding. These drugs are designed solely for the prevention and treatment are not intended to cracked nipples.

    Also, for the prevention of cracked nipples after feeding the skin can be lubricated Bepantenom or oily solution of vitamin A. These products must be washed off before feeding. For washing is best to use a neutral soap without fragrance to exclude "scaring" the kid.

    In the process of softening the skin before it is needed in any case can not use the funds on the basis of petroleum jelly or sunflower oil, they can both cause an allergic reaction in a child and cause intestinal disorders.

    There is an opinion of some experts about what the best means of prevention is to their own mother's milk. It is believed that the milk is well absorbed by the skin, supports optimal level of moisture and nutrients, and also forms on the skin surface protective film. In addition, in its composition there are vitamins that have a healing effect, as well as high levels of antibodies that can fight the infection in the cracks of the skin.

    Treatment of cracked nipples during feeding.

    Prevention has not helped, and the crack is still there.       In this case it is necessary to carry out treatment. If you run the situation can be pro ty infecting both mother and child, as well as a chance to get sick of mastitis.

    If the cause of the cracks is poor attachment you have to learn how to apply. It is certainly possible for a while to use special silicone lining, but experience shows that they can not help everyone.

    Feed the baby should be breast health and to finish feeding with a spoon milk expressed from the patient chest. After the improvement of second breast-feeding can be resumed.

    It is also recommended to grease nipple special ointments. If the treatment for a few days does not lead to positive results it is imperative to seek medical attention for the purpose of integrated treatment.


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