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Mastopexy - breast lift after childbirth. Restoration of breast forms.

Mastopexy - breast lift after childbirth. Restoration of breast forms.After the birth of the child and the end of the feeding period, many mothers changes significantly the shape and position of the breast. Easley changes are not critical it will help you restore the form of exercises and special massages. But there is rarely a situation where no surgery is necessary. In this article we will not go for breast augmentation. We will tell only about the surgical correction of breast shape, so-called mastopexy.

Mastopexy or breast lift is a small surgical procedure by which the restored form, contour and height of the breast.

In most cases breast mastopexy returns the previous form and is particularly effective for small and average breast because the breast in this case a longer time maintain its shape. If you vlaniruete further bear it possible to perform surgery with preservation of function of feeding.

The most common problem occurs after birth and feeding or just after reset excess weight is a breast ptosis. Breast ptosis, the nipple is lowered below the crease of the breast.

There are several types of ptosis (drooping) of the breast.

The initial degree of ptosis ptosis called false - breast falls below the submammary fold, but the nipple and areola are located above the crease.

The first degree of ptosis accompanied location nipple submammary folds at or below its no more than 1 centimeter.

At the second degree of ptosis nipple falls below the submammary fold to 1-3 centimeters.

When third-degree ptosis nipple falls on 3 or more centimeters below the submammary fold.

The operation is a complicated procedure requires you fully prepared physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially. Before the operation, absolutely necessary for a complete examination, pass all necessary tests, quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol in the past month prior to surgery.

It's a long process including the selection of the necessary techniques of mastopexy.

Method always chosen individually and dependent on the degree of breast ptosis, age, general health, shape and size of the breast, skin condition.

Directly surgery usually lasts 1.5-3 hours and is performed under general or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.

Basic techniques of mastopexy surgery.

Periareolar technique, is performed when an incision around the areola with subsequent tightening of T-stitch and short vertical seam.

Periareolar technique is used most often in the first degree of ptosis, after breast surgery will become more flat. T-Appliances - the most common and complex, performed horizontal and vertical joints, as well as an incision around the areola. Vertical technique provides a short operation time, the most popular, because it retains the sensitivity of the nipple and natural forms.

Operation gives enough long-lasting effect on the breast but are still visible scars. If you are planning a pregnancy, it is better to have surgery after birth, because otherwise, if done surgery before pregnancy, the effect will disappear again after giving birth.


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