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Is it safe to smoke during pregnancy? Smoking during pregnancy.

There is no reason that would argue that Kure of even started 10 or 20 years before pregnancy will have an adverse effect on the fetus. However, it is proved that cigarette smoking during pregnancy, particularly after the fourth month may increase the risk of complications during this period. This is tobacco is a major cause of the problems associated with prenatal conditions, such as bleeding from the womb, miscarriage, premature separation of placenta, fetal premature bursting of the bubble, or premature birth. It is proved that in the United States to 14% of premature births - is the result of smoking tobacco.

There is also compelling evidence that smoking cigarettes-that the future mother directly affects the development of the child in her womb. The greatest threat is low birth weight. In highly developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom one third of infants with low birth weight is a consequence of cigarette smoking by their mothers. This low weight is a major cause of childhood illness and death of a child before, during or immediately after birth.

In general, when a woman smoking a cigarette, her child locked in a smoke-filled bosom. His heart beats faster, coughing and gagging, and the worst thing is that due to lack of oxygen delivered to the child is not able to grow and develop as it should. Studies have shown that the number of cigarettes smoked is very important. A woman smokes a pack of cigarettes a day increases the risk of having a baby with a decrease of 130% maternity weight.

Limiting the number of cigarettes smoked, on the one hand, necessarily, on the other hand can be changeable, ie. To smoking a person often makes up for lost cigarette through more frequent n deep inhalation of smoke and smoking a cigarette until the end. This risk also exists when a woman goes on a cigarette with low tar and nicotine. Do not be discouraged though. Studies have shown that women who stopped smoking in the early months of pregnancy - no later than the fourth month - reduced the risk of having a sick child to a minimum. The sooner the better, but even quitting smoking in the last month can help a child in the delivery of sufficient oxygen.

Some women smokers is easiest to quit smoking is in the early stages of pregnancy, when produced an aversion to cigarettes - apparently warning of the changing body. If, unfortunately, have not developed such an aversion to you, try to quit smoking with the help of counseling. Ask your doctor to show you the other methods of dealing with a bad habit. Maybe you should use hypnosis. Most people closed in itself, quit smoking, although the degree of unwillingness - it is a private matter.

A team led by Dr. Keith E. Picket (Kate E. Pickett) School of Medicine and Hull City (Hull York Medical School) of the University of York (University of York), United Kingdom, found that women who smoke during pregnancy increases the risk the fact that their children are at preschool age are hyperactive and will not be able to concentrate, according to Reuters. The findings are published in the journal «Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health».

Although earlier studies and shows the relationship between maternal smoking and dangers arising out of the boys at school age, for the first time, scientists were able to identify the link between smoking during pregnancy and problems at the three year olds. The study used data on more than 13 thousand. Boys and girls aged 3 years. Children and their families has been collected various kinds of information, including about the economic situation of the family, parental education, ethnicity, composed your parents married, financial difficulties, smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs the mother.

Researchers from Copenhagen (Denmark) believe that strabismus may develop due to smoking pregnant. With each cigarette that a pregnant woman smokes, the risk of strabismus in her unborn baby. Especially dangerous is smoking late in pregnancy, starting from the third trimester.

The cause of the disease may be the impact of harmful substances on the fetus is in the womb. The list of the most dangerous we have included nicotine, alcohol and caffeine, all of them have a direct impact on the developing child's brain and stimulate the various deviations in the nervous system. We identified 1,300 cases of strabismus in children born between 1996 and 2003. The mothers of these children were interviewed twice during pregnancy, and 7 years after the birth of children. It was found that women who smoked during pregnancy, children with strabismus were born on 26% more often. And we're not just talking about strabismus newborns, but also about the disease, occurs in 5-6 year old children, - said Dr. Tobias Torp-Petersen, head of the research group. Scientists note that the important role played by the number of cigarettes smoked. Women who smoked 3-4 cigarettes per day, children are born with abnormalities at most 12%, for those who smokes from 4 to 10 cigarettes, the risk increases to 38%. If a woman smokes during pregnancy, more than 10 cigarettes, obtained 90% increase in the risk to give birth to an unhealthy baby - said Tobias Torp-Petersen.

One of the biggest specialists in the UK Reproduction Richard Sharpe (Richard Sharpe) concluded that obesity and the mother smoking during pregnancy to reduce the concentration of sperm in sons when they become adults, reports Daily Mail. Moreover, these effects are often more important than the life of man.

Professor Sharpe of Edinburgh University conducted an analysis of publications in the world's scientific literature on the impact of various factors on the ability of men to conceive a child. Results of the analysis are published in the magazine Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. The study showed that one of the main factors affecting male fertility is a nexus, which was exposed by his mother during pregnancy. The highest value concluded Sharpe, smoking and obesity have a mother, and her contact with pesticides and car exhaust fumes.

British scientists have found that children with cleft face more often are born to smoking mothers during pregnancy. The probability of this anomaly is especially great when smoking in early pregnancy. In addition, the "cleft lip", too, may be due to maternal smoking. "Clumsy" children too often are born to mothers who smoke - this is the conclusion of scientists from the United States, to which they have come more recently. And this risk is significantly higher (about 34%) than non-mothers. A genetic propensity for "clubfoot" may increase this risk even more. The risk for children to get diabetes much higher in smokers during pregnancy mothers. And it could happen as early as the age of sixteen. The same results and the number of obese children in the same years.

Scientists from the School of Medicine at Cardiff University (UK) studied the 6356 British children aged 12 years and found that more than 11% of them have symptoms of psychosis. The majority of subjects with mental disorders were children whose mothers during gestation were smoking.

In the study, the results of which were published in the medical journal OPMJ (Open Pediatric Medicine Journal) argued that tobacco smoke can cause gene mutations in the child that are believed doctors, promotes the transformation of a normal cell into a tumor.

Thus we can say unequivocally that smoking is strictly contraindicated during pregnancy. Try by all means to protect themselves from tobacco smoke during pregnancy.


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