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The first year of baby's life. The main recommendations of professionals.

The first year of baby's life! In the first year of life it is necessary to ensure that the child was fed, dry, not crying, but smiling. It is true that we can only meet the physical needs of the baby. But mental and spiritual? After all, they have to be met. Your eyes the child begins to navigate the world of things and people. The manipulation of things, interaction with people and their ideas – this is the inner spiritual life of the child. Its formation, development, operation, improvement at first entirely – a task for adults. We list a few key recommendations on development and education of a young child. These are the main recommendations approved by a majority of child psychologists and experts on the education of infants.

-as often as possible and to communicate more with the child;
-many times and happily show and name all the objects and all the people around him;
-share the joy of a child on any occasion;
-to invent new forms of activity, manipulate objects, onomatopoeia, the exchange of smiles;
-to joyfully encourage each new achievement of the child;
-to encourage attempts to overcome difficult situations, without interfering with the actions of a child.

Not recommended:
-awake for a long time to leave the baby alone, if he is not able himself to take;
-not to respond to silent calls is to share in the joy of being together;
-quenching the joy of a child on any occasion;
-to raise the restraint, not noticing successes;
-do for the child what he wants and can make himself, though ill and clumsy;
-to interfere with the child on a daily basis and to steadily expand the opportunities to see and hear, move and speak words and gestures to their own pleasure and joy of loved ones;
-forced to limit physical activity, remembering that movement is Life.


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