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Why do we need educational games for children? The main types of educational games.

Any infant who is just beginning to walk, is actively developing a new world, learning to walk, jump and fall. Young children love to dance, swim and just to move actively – they pick up small toys, throw them, hide in a box and throw them again, learn turn the pages of books and make marks with pencils.

At this time young children first learn such phenomena as causes and consequences, begin to distinguish colors and shapes, learn to comparison subjects. Babies need approval from adults and a lot of attention: it was at this time formed a future identity and the first thinking skills, causing children to receive all new information about the "adult" world.

A young child who has learned to walk, it's not enough to sit on a blanket and play with toys – now that he's more mobile, the need arises in various physical activities. With its help, parents are in control of the correct development of motor skills in children; moreover, physical activity may prevent the development of later childhood obesity.

There are many games that will not only entertain your child but teach him. Most of these games are readily available at home, using the surrounding objects. Educational games help parents develop children's imagination and to spend time with the child.

Stroll: the usual walk in different ways in different places – whether it's marching or climbing and descending stairs – develop the ability of the baby to walk. For walking you can use the music with different tempo, teaching baby to walk confidently in shoes and barefoot.

Toy train: game with train is sure to please the child and will long occupy his attention. Toy train can be done by hand: this requires three or more small boxes, rope, tape, plastic straws and scissors. Cut small holes in the walls of each box and attach a rope to the rear wall of the first of the boxes, tying the end around a small piece of plastic straws so that the knot did not slip inside the slotted holes. Similarly bind all the "cars" of the future "train," and a long ribbon attach at the front of the last box she will keep the child.

Swimming: bathing can be accompanied by different entertainment for the baby – it will require plastic bathtub toys. Put the baby in the empty tub, fill it with water and offer kids toys – their role is very suitable even empty bottles of care products for the hair, sponges.

Educational games in the fresh air

Play in the mud: all activity should take 15-20 minutes. All that is required for the game – a little dirt, a spoon or spatula, water, and a little stick. The child should strip to a diaper or swimsuit. Best during the game to be in the shade not in the sun. Dig some dirt with a spatula or chopsticks, add a little water and let your child create anything from a "material" creating with his own hands the castles, houses and various figures from malleable mud for a long time carries away any child.

Air balloon since the control of conventional kite – is too complex to have just learnt to walk a baby, it can be replaced with a balloon filled with helium, tied to it with rope. Attach one end of the rope on a balloon and the other on the wrist of the child. In this way the baby will be easier to control the balloon.

The treasure hunt: for this game outdoors you will need small objects that you can hide, children shovel, sieve and a sand box. Hide small objects in the sandbox for the baby, which will search for "treasure", digging them. Very useful and can be plain old kitchen sieve, through which the child will be able to sift the sand. As a "treasure" to prepare small stones, wykresu them shiny gold or silver paint – the subjects the child finds easier and faster.

Educational games at home

Young children love to repeat what their mothers and bake cookies – as adults. Although a small child in the kitchen often becomes the cause of the mess, cooking together is a great and educational pastime for the baby and for the mother.

One of the most favourite entertainments of kids building their own house from local funds, be it chairs or bedspreads, with a little help adults become "camp".

One of the most popular games for kids and their parents – the usual hide and seek, sofas and cabinets turn into a great hiding place.

Learning games for kids

Games for young children can be both entertaining and educational at the same time – for example, folding puzzles, painting, the passage of drawn mazes, stacking.

Quest items

Equally interesting for a small child can become quest items are not of a certain color and a certain texture: tell me child, what is the difference between cotton, paper, rubber, plastic, and ask him to find items made of certain materials.

Singing and drawing.

Sing to the child simple songs – little children usually respond well to a simple rhythm and even repeat it themselves. The voice of the mother always acts in the child soothingly.

Activities that young children enjoy most is drawing and making something with your hands; the usual drawing with a pencil or felt-tip pen, modeling clay – classes are not only entertaining, but also developing children's motor skills.


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