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The baby and the fan. Why is dangerous conditioner baby?

Parents need to understand clearly that a baby who for more than two weeks of heat transfer is not very different from yourself. Accordingly, if you are very hot and it is uncomfortable. And if you do not want to have a newborn appeared sudamen (red small pimples), do not wrap the baby in a warm blanket at a temperature more than 28 degrees. Leave it for 10-30 minutes, it completely naked body to the baby breathe.

Draught and newborn

Here it is necessary to clearly define that call draft. In most cases, caring grandmother running around the baby close all windows and doors at any temperature and weather. That's just admit it is not recommended. Apartment or house should always be ventilated and the child to strengthen his body. The child will be quite comfortable feel far from an open window or door where there is hardly noticeable whiff of air. In such circumstances, it is definitely not cold. If the outside temperature is higher than room (30 - 35 degrees) is cause for excitement in general should not be. In some cases, the draft and the baby are not compatible? Firstly if the street is much colder than in the room. In this case, the child can periodically fall under a stream of cold air in the waking state, but in no case does not however remain a long period of time in a stationary condition. That is, to put a cradle or a bed with a baby sleeping or resting near an open window in winter is very dangerous. Secondly if the baby after taking a bath. Flushed baby must be protected from any air currents until it is completely cool down and dry.

The baby and the fan.

Here you can fully agree with the well-known pediatrician Eugene O. Komorowski. "Nature could not create a being capable of suffering from a jet of warm air." If the temperature in the apartment more than 30 degrees is running at low speeds fan (not aimed directly at the child) does not harm anyone. But the guide is included at full power fan on the sleeping child can not. And of course not allowed to direct the fan to the baby after bathing.

The air conditioning is dangerous for the baby?

Absolutely the same as for an adult. Sit under a stream of icy air for an hour, and 99% either catch cold catch a cold or any part of the body. Take the temperature of 20 degrees at home when it's 34 and when you leave the house and you can lose consciousness. The recommendations are the same. Everything should be done without fanaticism. If it is very hot the air conditioning is needed. Do not lower the temperature of more than 6 degrees or direct the flow of air from the air conditioner is not in the baby.

The child must get used to the wind and to the fan and the air conditioner. And if it will permanently protect it grows up when problems occur.


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