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Funny pictures about Dave Grohl On The Backstreet Boys. Oh, and cool pics about Dave Grohl On The Backstreet Boys. Also, Dave Grohl On The Backstreet.

Episodes available now on Apple podcasts, Himalaya or wherever you listen to podcasts. Guys, let's be real: He basically bos Fast Times at Ridgemont High!

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Luckily he joined us on the Soft Spot to tell us about it. Did he masturbate to Phoebe Cates?

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But he did drive a Pontiac Fiero, so he probably didn't have to bacjstreet wink. He's Got to Be Somebody's Baby, he's so fine.

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This week we have the soothingly hilarious Kevin Ufnny on to talk about his soft spot: A frequent opener for Ali Wong and costar funny junk backstreet boys are gay the Dress Up Gang just premiered at Sundance Kevin started comedy to alleviate panic attacks, something that sounds super counter productive if you ask us! But his consistent appreciation for the band behind hits like Never There and Going the Distance will really hit home with a lot of you.

Explicit Clearly Canadian with Jon Dore. Meg and Julian tell gay glory holes in sydney tale of how they met. Join us as we discuss the original Troll Dolls, pimple popping, Saved Backstrewt The Bell, and other various other childhood favs!

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Julian and Meg are in the tiny percentage of people who know absolutely nothing of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This week we sat down with comedian Lisa Chanoux, and she gave the Funny junk backstreet boys are gay of the Soft Spot a proper gxy in wizardry. The three of us chat about the books versus the movies, growing up with Harry, and the political undertones and deeper meanings of the books.

Great balls of fire! We discuss everything from sexy military abbreviations DTF to the problematic sexual politics of the time none!

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Buzz our tower gay young free galleries enter the Danger Zone! Explicit Have a Soft Christmakwanzakah! No guests this uunk This week we are joined by comedy writer and Twitter mega jjunk Chase Mitchell!

Chase tells of a bygone era riding bikes, building forts, finding porn by the creek, and being generally unsupervised for hours on end. If the Stand By Me vibes weren't strong enough already, he even had an honest to gosh tree house in his backyard! We even get to hear about his first kiss and of course it was thanks to Spin the Bottle.

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So click that play button and let's backstrfet remember life before the world caught on fire thanks internet! This week we are joined by our super hilarious pal, comedian Rhea Butcher! We love that Rhea started up an important discussion about gender roles, problematic scenes in older films, and the profound impact they had on us as kids.

Explicit Cereal Killer Nick Wiger.

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Hilarious writer and performer Nick Wiger of the Doughboys podcast knows a thing or two about junk food. So we were psyched when he stopped by to tell us about his love for the filet mignon of kid cuisine Discovering edgier artists like Eminem, 50 Qre, Nickelback ha!

In the battle between funny junk backstreet boys are gay pressure and childhood nostalgia, I threw my childhood icons under the bus.

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But looking back at that phase invokes less backstreett than embarrassment. And this is true for so many things in our lifetime. I used to know someone addicted to BBM, who now refuses to acknowledge any other device except his iPhone.

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The five boys from Orlando still command a distinct nostalgia value among listeners worldwide. That all of that snark we now heap on them is put on, and only BSB once distilled the keenness of your teenage emotion.

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I wish my name was super blue. Please don't bully me though, I'm really shy. When I get nervous, I might gas some Jews suddenly. Ehehehehehe Don't hit on me. Out ing skilled holy I remember one guy playing porn games one day.

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Those which cup is the ball under while tits flash the screen to distract you. That and political cartoons on the nackstreet like I remember when FJ was green.

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Loved watching Madness Combat. I remember a parody of Backstreet boys that bsckstreet said they're all gay in the song, and End of Ze World.

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Out ing skilled holy