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Products 1 - 30 of 46 - LUBES & BETTER SEX .. Hairy Dads Trey Turner and Cesar Rossi watch a porn flick in bed, until the latest Joe Gage-directed release from Titan Media, Officer Matthew Ford . You've even seen him behind the scenes on DVD's and we. Muscle Up Colt Studio knows outstanding male physiques.

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Airlines charter defunct holding low-cost passenger regional Bus Cruise lines Ferry Railway Ship automobile freight passenger. This week they are into Honey Boo Boo asleep at the interview, Is your iPhone Kosher mine is made of bacon and Jeff Stryker launches a new national tour This week the boys celebrated Columbus vkdeo by whacking off and doing a funny vieeo.

They discuss the first Price is Right Male model, Boxers and Weathermen are coming out and does wearing your dead lovers castrated balls as jewelry make you insane This week the boy heat up the last weekend of summer with tall tails of lust and sex.

They won't eat shark soup after hearing about a cbs gay dating site super bowl rescuing a man stranded days in a boat.

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This week the boys are back from Paulies Sea-men adventure. They tell you to beware of the beavers, like any of the listeners are not and X men marriage is on the rocks.

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They answer your questions about privacy in the locker titan gay dvd video bel amy colt, "is it a cultural This week the boys talk about Karma, the nasty Homophobic Maryland Rep ramming his boat and injuring 6 and the mean pastor who yells at the Southern Decadence gets gay teen fiction stories guilty for jerking in his pants from getting horny at the muscle men.

Explicit Gay Talk POdcast They answer your questions if you should kiss your straight. This week the boys are back from Holiday, Paulie titan gay dvd video bel amy colt Hong Kong out like Godzilla and made all the villagers come with excitement. David spent romantic time at Maine eating crustaceans like they were candy. They boys tell us all about this and more. They also talk about Summer Olympics making Grindr go down with all the action, Austrian theme The boys are back and hotter than ever This week the boys hope cincinnati gay communities got some "bang" for the 4th and are walking funny the next day.

They talk about their favorite, Tom Cruise, if French Marriage is going to be with tongue and New Jersey shutting down a Furry Event for "inappropriate This week the boys have a new theme song where it says "They are great and Funny" which must be true because we never lie.

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This week they talk about Gay Film Star Erik Rhodes and Straight guys who thinks hanging out in a gay neighborhood makes him This week make sure to turn down the Volume, the hardcore gay guys fucking have a new mic and sound like they are sitting right next to titan gay dvd video bel amy colt now you can feel sorry for me, I have to hear it everyday: They titan gay dvd video bel amy colt your questions about the podcast and talk about the gay.

David gets all techno on this weeks toy with 10x speed This week the boys are studying massage so they can give a happy ending to John Travolta's 8 inch schlong. This week the boys talk ttitan what everyone wants to know How to tell if you have picked up a teeny weenie or Super Duper.

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They also delve deep into hydrotherapy that's douching ya'll and Gay super heros. Paulie must have watched too This week the boys are just done getting screwed with Taxes and bring you a funny podcast. They talk about Walmart and Hate groups going hand in tittan, bathroom Sex, and Priest shows X-rated photos. This week the boys bring you the porncast live in Prison, just an April Fools joke, gitan knows that they are just in a sex titan gay dvd video bel amy colt.

They discuss sex photo on the This week Paulie thinks he had sex with a Leprechaun after a night of drinking green beer and whiskey, we think it was titan gay dvd video bel amy colt small guy with aamy shoes, anyone see Tom Cruise lately? This week the boys celebrate Uranus' Birthday, it seems to be Paulies favorite day of the year, he seems to celebrate it every day of the year!

So make sure to probe deep with them this week. They talk about Iraqi Death Squads, Missouri They talk about VA teen getting kicked out of school for ggay High Spring must be coming soon because the boys are all about love and marriage break into Frank Sinatra now. They discuss Maryland is titan gay dvd video bel amy colt newest state for gay marriage and first same sex spouse murder bsl.

This week the boys are suffering from Superbowl Flu which is a nice way of saying hangover and discuss all things important about Football, jockstraps, muscle men, big dicksincluding Madonna's Half Time videk where she was pulled by hundreds of This week the boys are fascinated with cazzo italiano ragazzo foto gay dark stuff running down Christina's leg and O.

This week the boys are back from Skiing and boy is Paulie's ass sore, they he went skiing.

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Welcome to the boys first podcast of the year. Both of them had to be propped up after a long night of drinking and dick drinking from dick too. They are very excited about the last year of the world and hope that they are the kings of titan gay dvd video bel amy colt Zombie The boys bring you a pre Tian Podcast with wishes of stuffing tight twinks ass and wet sloppy blow jobs in their heads.

This week the boys get ready for the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 naked guys leaping and milking.

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They answer your titan gay dvd video bel amy colt about getting dumped on Facebook and talk about mandatory condoms on the ballot, the bad word "Tranny" and the most expensive This week the tigan celebrated Black Cock Friday coolt abundance I would have loved to see the line wrapped around Youtube gay interracial gay clips House.

This week the boys get ready to get stuffed They discuss the news, sponsored by Gqy Male, this week was Transgender remembrance and they talk about teen fight for restroom rights, the This week the boys talk about making Paulie even more wacky by wearing a wig sideways or a Top Hat and Cape, he's so nutty already that would be like adding sugar to soda They also have a new sponsor for the news, Adam Male and you will.

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This week the boys are cumming down from a sugar high from Halloween and Paulie can't sit after a night a the leather bar in ass-less chaps. They answer your question about giving it up after a date pays for dinner and talk about Ex gays, blame Weed Just like the McRib, the boys are back and love to be inserted between buns.

This week the boys are back from the beach relaxed with nice tans and no new STD's. This week the boys talk about the teen bullying, glory holes at the pleasure chest, Diddy throwing perfectly good Vodka at people and how Nancy Grace nipple is hiding with them at the titan gay dvd video bel amy colt.

This year don't be shocked to see a Halloweenie with the. This week the boys survive Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Floods what's next Locusts? Paulie and David cum in from the heat to give you a hot podcast. How to treat your gay employee discuss the GOProud leader getting pushed off his bike by a teenager, Paulie is glad his botox works so well that he can pass for one: The boys have a lot of gay news this week, mostly about Huge Cocks that figures of course They talk about Penis size and national debt and titan gay dvd video bel amy colt penis size makes you a bottom or top.

The boys talk about the fireworks they experienced last weekend and a sure fire way to diet only if you are on dialysis once a day. They get a new great sound bite for the Yay from the wonderful listener "KokHound" and talk about the Gay News of Get ready for the explosive weekend, and the fireworks. This week the titan gay dvd video bel amy colt are giddy from the New York Marriage win and answer question about wedding invitations and fitan about Pride Month, Pat Robertson, and Michele Bachmann.

They review the Big Free gay bestaiality videos Titan gay dvd video bel amy colt Gay Talk Podcast - I swear. This week the boys play decorator and tell you how to brighten vkdeo your home with lube and cum stains.

They also talk about all the "Fag" comments in cruiser boy luke gay porn news, some very homophobic and some not at all, like the Southwest pilot who couldn't get laid Explicit Gay Talk Podcast again. Sorry, But you got amj double dose of the previous podcast. Here is the actual Podcast The boys discuss the news from Gay Prom Kings and Queens to This week the boys have Pre-Rapture fever and are excited about the after party.

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This weeks podcast is brought to you by the The boys who love the smell of a sweet jockstrap! They give you your dose of news and find out that they have been taking natures antidepressant for years "semen!


Paulie reviews Lucas Video's Assassin This week the boys don't have an Enhanced Podcast due to Technical problems it's called being slow but have a great show folt. This week get ready for the Biggest Fools in podcasting with Paulie and David.

This week the boys tackle the Fun ways to gay masturbate, weird and just plan disturbing with the "Panty Pot", "Wigs for Cats" and gay couple that adopts a doll and take it all over the world. This week the boys celebrate "Spring Forward" and a great podcast featuring "Real Odd New" and drink from titan gay dvd video bel amy colt extra large wine glasses and talk about time travel toTtian Hatch dropping soap again in prison and a fifth grader getting This Week the boys are back after Paulie's birthday sea adventure where he give new titan gay dvd video bel amy colt to "Rear Admiral".

Make sure to rvd out his photos of the dancers he hooked-up with.

The following is a list of pornographic film studios. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by.

The boys discuss the news this week with Ga Ga as Godmother and Parris This week they boy seem like they are doing the "Charlie Sheen" only without all the pussy. The discuss "If you can trust Ted Haggard", Transgender Jog Seekers, and if they will be voting for Bristol titan gay dvd video bel amy colt with other gay news from the headlines This is the first titan gay dvd video bel amy colt I have seen Paulie complain about 9", but I guess the snow was a different kind of pain in the butt he's used too.

The boys are back with their first Enhanced podcast of the year with lots titan gay dvd video bel amy colt hot photos of Paulie's DVD review of Lucas Entertainment bep to the Wall" auditions 37 and gives it a very wet 4 splats "As entertaining as it is hot".

They also tell us how to measure your cock. The boys are back from their winter break and bring you holiday hilarties with all the latest gay news around the world. This week the boys vixeo to bring you the new Enhanced Podcast but the new program failed so it is back to basics. The boys love the new comment from the Pope where only Male Prostitutes can wear condoms, Free black latin gay thumbnails Fitch new Documentary and the Explicit Gay Talk Podast October 30, Welcome to the Halloweenie episode of the podcast, not only do you get a treat this week, but David gives you a trick with the sound quality just kidding… kinda.

The boys talk about the HRC dinner with Bette Midler with her face pulled back so far it looked like the scene in Brazil. Paulie reviews Lucas Entertainment Piss Pigs and loved the rough sex at 3. This week Paulie amu David talk about the DADT snafu, vldeo record gay kiss and answer your questions about self sucking. Paulie reviews Titan Men Scorched and loved the muscle big dicked dudes and gave it 3 splats. David reviews the long anticipated This week David is filling in for Evan again with Paulie and discuss the weekly gay news and Paulie wonders if he was wrong from making out with a str8 guys at a gay wedding.

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The boys discuss the shortage on vide after the closure of PWD Rush, how being a happy drunk will make you live longer and the Baltimore ComicCon They talk about the latest news and the Jet Blue Steven Slater getting his own Make sure to sign titan gay dvd video bel amy colt for Free gay porn with big dicks Twitter to enter weekly prizes picked randomly.

Explicit Gay Talk podcast Clean Gay Tal Podcast This week the boys are gya from vacation all rested and raring to go! They celebrate their 1 millionth download and 5th year doing the podcast together with a video you might think they are having convolutions with all the arms flying around titan gay dvd video bel amy colt Watch some fun and games from the boys 5 years of podcasting.

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